Thursday, 20 August 2015

Being an NS Girlfriend

I honestly did not realize that it has almost been two months since my last post! I do apologize for the pretty long hiatus as I am still settling into my new job. I have to admit that I don't fancy the new-girl feel at all but hey, there comes a time when we all have to adapt to a new environment, don't we? *sighs heavily* 

Anyways, I've been contemplating to blog about this topic for quite some time now and I'm sure it's something a handful of girls will be able to relate. So here goes! 

A quick background about Ridhuan and I. We have known each other for three years now and no, he has never asked me to be his girlfriend and neither have I asked him to be my boyfriend. Both of us have just been through a lot throughout the past couple of years with a lot of on and offs so we kinda just knew that it was the right time to get together. It wasn't the kind of love story I expected but I'm still thankful beyond words. To sum it all up, we have "officially" been together for a little over a year now. Things have been great and this is the longest time I've been with a person. 

Ridhuan enlisted into the police force in May and he'll be passing out in September (I think). We never really had the luxury of meeting everyday as compared to our other couple friends even when we were schooling so the lifestyle change wasn't really drastic. But don't get me wrong, I still miss him like crazy :( 

So here are just some things going on and some things all you sistas may expect when your boo enlists ;)
  1. Lesser meetups
    Ridhuan only books out on Friday evenings and books in on Sunday so within that time frame, he has to spend time with his family, with me (only when I manage to get an off day), his friends (he loves playing soccer in the middle of the night, idky it's a man's thing) and also squeeze in a little time for himself. I have to admit that there were times when it gets really hard to meet up and I would wonder how will we be able to make it work. On my part, I'll try to adjust my roster whenever I can. We still get to meet each other every two weeks or so and I know it's not much but it's the best that we can do for now. Might as well appreciate whatever little time we have :)
  2. It gets lonely
    I used to be pretty dependent on Ridhuan to cheer me up (affectionately, I call him my everyday sunshine, awh) whenever I feel down so ever since he enlisted, he hasn't been able to be there for me as much as before. Not that I can't stand loneliness but when a girl needs her boo, she just needs her boo, ya know? So eventually, I learned to be my own person and just know that whatever bad things that may happen, at least I've got Ridhuan in my life. (Someone owes me a hella romantic dinner because I'm giving you lots of indirect compliments here k.)
  3. NS talk almost 24/7
    Ridhuan just loves talking about things that goes on in camp. I guess it's pretty normal since I do have some other guy friends who does the same too and yes, it can be pretty boring to some girls. But in all honesty, I find NS talk pretty fascinating because it's not something all of us get to experience. These NS men has pretty much been through a lot - from early mornings to long trainings - and I guess it's always best to be a listening ear at the end of the day.
  4. Building up trust
    In my most humble opinion, I'm pretty faithful (right, baby?) :p People always say that communication is key but hey, anyone can communicate - but whether they're telling the truth is a whole different story. On the other hand, my life pretty much revolves around work, home, food and sleep - so my boyfriend definitely doesn't need to worry about me cheating on him #perksofdatinganurse (lol). But on a serious note, to my dear ladies (focusing on those already mingling around while your boyfriend is in camp, yes you) just try not to jeopardize the trust he has for you. You know what they say - trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.
Some of you might probably be thinking, "Aiyooo, your boyfriend police only, confirm got more time lah", "Police got no outfield trainings all so he won't be as tired as army guys what". 

I used to have a very close friend who's in the army and I can't help but admit that there is a pretty vast comparison between both. I'm not familiar with the intensity of both trainings but still, serving the nation isn't an easy thing to do.

So whether your boyfriend is a policeman, a soldier, a fireman or in the navy, be proud of them. I know that it has only been four months but I've seen how far Ridhuan has come and I couldn't be more happy for him. 

And to you, my dear sweet annoying once-in-a-lifetime-love, thank you for the constant reassurance that everything between us will be alright. I'm so lucky to have you and I can't wait to spend a whole Saturday with you again *big wet kisses* 

I'll be back soon for a new post but for now, thank you for reading! Goodnight lovelies! 

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